Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY Bookshelves

Do-it-yourself (DIY) work can be the funniest thing in the world & it can be the worst. Sometimes they turn out the way you thought & other time, not so much. I should know. This summer, I left assisting the Jaffe Center & working with primates at the Palm Beach Zoo to work on a houseboat in the Keys & let me tell you, it was a rough summer, but I got through it & I survived. But, I knew I wanted a special type of bookshelf for my special type of books. I normally have an old toaster by my bed where I keep the book that I'm currently reading, but I wanted something more me, because the regular bookshelf wasn't cutting it for me. I made shelves out of wooden pallets that I received from an order of shutters & they are amazing (part of DIY is patting yourself on the back.) So, I thought I'd share other DIY bookshelf ideas that I found on the inter-web to inspire your own special spot for your own special books. Now I'm searching for an old TV to hollow out.

Wood Crates

An Old Ladder 

A Desk Drawer

Old Benches

Magazine Holder

Wine Crate Boxes 

Industrial Pipes

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