Thursday, September 13, 2012

Graphic Novel of the Month: Sin City: The Hard Goodbye

Marv is a massive, imposing & heavily scarred man, which is why he is more than surprised by the fact that the mysterious & beautiful Goldie takes him home to bed. Marv is completely smitten with Goldie & can't believe his luck, but this quickly changes when Marv wakes up to find Goldie dead next to him & cops are already on their way. Marv knows that it is a set up & he isn't going down until he gets his revenge on Goldie's killer. "It's the old days. The bad days. The all-or-nothing days. They're back. There's no choices left & I'm ready for war," Marv states. He rampages through Basin City's underbelly & quickly learns that Goldie's killing has connections to some very prominent & important people.

Sin City: The Hard Goodbye is not a graphic novel for children. It's violence & sex is relentless. That being said, the violence & sex is extremely stylized & over-the-top. Written & drawn by Frank Miller, The Hard Goodbye could have been almost too much to handle if it had not been for his stark use of black & white. Many of the details get lost in the shadows, which is what makes this so aesthetically pleasing. The heavily shadowed & sharp illustrations give grit to the book & are reminiscent of film noirs.

Still, this is no The Maltese Falcon. Marv is perfect example of an anti-hero & his actions are absurd, which is why he may be Miller's greatest character to come out of the Sin City series. He is a savage, stubborn & easily angered & is a product of his urban environment. So, if you don't Marv, then you must not like the city.

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