Monday, December 13, 2010

GRAPHIX exhibition

Everyone should go & check out the new Jaffe Center exhibit, "GRAPHIX: Sequence, Image, Story." The  graphic novel exhibit features a wide variety of genres, stories & art style & forms. Featured are novels created with illustrations, woodcuts, photography, digital photography & even a comic to be read with 3-D glasses. The exhibit is all over the library & in the Center itself is a couple of shelves of graphic novels for you to browse & read. Pretty cool stuff, right?

A Page from Watchmen
The mission of the exhibit is to show the narrative power of the graphic novel while defining & redefining what a graphic novel is. The medium is often misunderstood & criticized by the general public & few see it as true art or literature. I'm often confused as to why the general consensus is the separation of image & word. I'm a true believer that there is a graphic novel out there for everyone, but it may be really hard for someone to find & I'm hoping that a couple of people may find their graphic novel because of the exhibit.

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  1. Our closing events plans for the GRAPHIX exhibition are becoming more concrete. We will announce dates and times soon, but watch for a screening of the film "Persepolis" and a panel discussion on the graphic novel at the end of January.

    For sure, the panel discussion is set for Monday, January 31 at 7pm here at JCBA's Book Arts Gallery. The date(s) for the Persepolis screening are still up in the air.

    We were hoping to bring graphic novelist Eric Drooker to JCBA for a gallery talk and workshop... but this is no longer looking like a viable option. Sorry!