Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Years (And Welcome Back to the Working World)

The holiday season is over, the presents are unwrapped & people are still nursing a hangover while they start their resolution to be healthier & renew their gym membership that they may never use. Still, if you're one who suffers from the holiday blues, you'll be happy to get back to the daily melancholy. If you readers want, you can post a comment below on your New Year resolution & ask for tips on how to reach your goal this year, or you can comment on what you would like me to talk about on this blog for 2011. 

Also, if you're dragging your feet at work & need a quick pick me up, I recommend checking out the music video for Arcade Fire's "We Used to Wait." If you're not familiar with Arcade Fire, they are a Canadian baroque pop/ art rock group that experiments with different instruments & sounds. Their newest music video is interactive that uses Google Maps & Google Earth. What you have to do is first use Google Chrome for your browser (Google Chrome is pretty state of the art, so ask yourself if you think your computer is up to the challenge) & go to the website, The Wilderness Downtown, where you'll be asked to enter in your address. Trust me, you'll enjoy the experience. Here's an example of what you will see.


  1. I resolve to make more books, Paige.

  2. That is a great resolution, Mr. Cutrone & if there is anyway I can help you achieve your goal in making more books, I would be happy to.

  3. You do realize this will involve tranquilizer darts.