Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Shut Up, Paige Turner:" Superhero Costumes

This will be a segment titled "Shut Up, Paige Turner," where I give commentary & criticism on whatever topic I feel like I have "something to say" about. In this post, I will be discussing superhero costumes. I wanted to write about this after re-watching "The Incredibles" & I realized that movie made good use of discussing superhero outfits with their creation of Edna Mode, fashion designer for superheroes. But, most superheroes don't have a designer or someone to sew their outfits, meaning that just about every superhero should be a contestant for Project Runway. If you think about it, Peter Parker doesn't ever have to worry about a job; he could easily get a job working for Ralph Lauren or Diane Von Furstenberg.
Batman using his trusty cape pattern
Also, it's good for superheroes to have a symbol. People feel safe when they see Superman's cape & criminals cower in fear at the sight of the Batman insignia. But having something so specialized means that its really precious & getting a cut, rip, or hole means hours at the sewing machine & I don't think superheroes really have hours in their day. Unless you're Bruce Wayne, you have to work 40 hours a week, fight crime at night, carry on a secret identity & you got shot at by some muggers the night before, so that means hours repairing the bullet holes in your outfit. Then you have to buy materials, go to the fabric store & hope that they have your color in. It may not be as cool, but I think it would be easier to fight crime in jeans & a t-shirt.
"Great! This is my last good costume & I have a final tomorrow"
Having more than one set of a costume is probably necessary, too. Running around all night, a hero will probably get sweaty & the costume will probably get a little funky. Something never mentioned in any of the X-Men films.


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