Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moveable Type: A Cross-Country Adventure in Printing

Here at the JCBA, we are supportive of all things book arts, letterpress printing & just about everything in between.  So I come to you today to see if you can help a fellow letterpress printer, Kyle Durrie, to achieve her goal in creating a mobile letterpress studio. With our help, she will be able to buy & make repairs on an old bread truck so that she can move a letterpress around the country to teach workshops, give craft shows, sell prints or teach the average joe about letterpress printing. We are not completely selfless in our inspiration to help out Durrie; if she can get on the road, we would like her to come to the JCBA to teach a workshop & sell prints...all in the parking lot! Every dollar counts, so I ask you to give what you feel for this creative & interesting cause.

Here is a link to her Kickstarter page that includes more details of Durrie's plans.

Thank you!!!


  1. Kyle has actually reached her Kickstarter goal, though more donations will take her more places. I'm happy to say, too, that we've been in touch and she would love to take her Movable Type truck on the long road down the Florida peninsula to JCBA. We expect her visit here in January 2012. Watch for it!

  2. Saw a booth at this year's Stitch Rock in Delray Beach, which I presume to Kyle's – impressive stuff!

  3. I don't think that would have been Kyle's, as I don't think she's yet been to Florida. Kyle's based in the Pacific Northwest. However, we have a tentative date of arrival for her at JCBA: January 24, 2012. We're looking forward to her tales of itinerant printing.