Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looky Lookie: Triumph eines Hosenverkäufers

Triumph eines Hosenverkäufers (Triumph of a Trousers Salesman) was created by Veronika Schäpers in 2002. It is an edition of 15 copies. The book contains inkjet text & images printed on clear polyethylene foil pages. The pages are held together with gum cords that also bend the cover. It is housed in a clear polycarbonate cover housed in a inflatable air-cushion with red titling on front & black titling on back, which is also housed in a white fleece bag.

The book is inspired by the text, which is a poem written by Heiko Michael Hartmann. When the book is first viewed, it looks like blurs of red & the text becomes lighter as you descend to read it. But, as you turn the first page, you realize that the red is a silhouette of two boxers fighting & the lines of the poems appear one at a time on each page. So, as you turn the page to read the text, you see the two boxers continue their bout. But what does boxing have to do with selling pants? The poem, which is in German, is in the salesman's point-of-view, who approaches the job as a boxing match.

Here is a rough translation of the poem:
Immediately after I 
stumbled into the ring unguarded
there was I have something for you
certainly you may
the sheer force of springy ropes pushed me
in the dressing-room I turned weak
rather than suspicious
my suggestion for outside I staggered
under the cuffs of his endless
concern to settle the score
I kept nodding keep going I thought
only the price kept me on my 
feeble legs just feel the 
high-quality material & the excellent
workmanship will look fabulous 
after some alterations
with my city shirt mustering
what strength I had left I whispered I'll take it
you have made the gong saved me
chosen well

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