Monday, August 22, 2011

Center Paige: The Alphabet of Time

Jim Machacek & Sibyl Rubottom's The Alphabet of Time is their abecedarium involving different theories, thinkers, & symbols involving time & space. The book is accordion bound with a red cloth covered board. The images are letterpress printed on polymer plates & wood type along with collage, hand painting, marbling & silk screening. I enjoy how the book uses many techniques in order to convey the message of each letter. Every page is different in design & often contains layered printing in different typefaces & colors. My favorite pages particularly are "B" for its striking hand painting combined with inkjet transparent waves, "O" for the handsome drawing of the oak tree & "T" for the removable time cards printed with quotes (which include the lyrics to "Time-Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.)
A is for Astrolabe & Aristotle
B is for Black holes
C is for Clocks & Joseph Cornell
D is for Decay
E is for Evolution
F is for Fossil
G is for Greenwich Mean Time
H is for The Hubble
I is for Infinity
J is for The Julian Calendar
K is for Kronos
L is for Longevity
M is for Music, Moment, & Mozart
N is for Nocturnal
O is for Old Oak
P is for Marcel Proust
Q is for Quantum Theory
R is for Relativity
S is for Seasons
T is for Time
U is for Universal Time
V is for Vanitas
W is for Water Clock
X is for Expressionism
Y is for Year
Z is for Time Zone

*As you can see we have a new name for the "Artists' Book of the Month" segment. This was created by blog reader Jessica, so thank you Jessica & also Amy Letter for your suggestions.

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  1. No wonder I heard Paige singing Time Warp yesterday.