Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Looky Lookie: Space + Time

Space + Time is Ken Leslie's project where he marked off 52 equally spaced points from one place in his garden, then sitting in the same spot, shot a photo once a week facing each successive point & created a circular foldbook. The book is housed in a slipcase featuring a photo of the photos joined together. 

Last month's "Looky Lookie" section featured Shinsuke Minegishi's The Tale of Three Black Boxes, which was also a study in the relationship of time & space (I didn't realize this when I picked this month's featured artists' book. I must be watching too many episodes of The Universe.) While Minesgishi is way more subtle with its dealing of the subject, Leslie wanted to make it clear that space & time are clearly closely related, despite being completely opposite concepts. This is proven by his different sides, one marked space & the other marked time, but the photos appear to be the same: the same standing grounds but objects appearing at different moments of the year. 

On each side, Leslie studies one of the two concepts. On the space side, Leslie notes that the world comes full circle & references Magellan. Leslie notes that Magellan traveled around the world to end up where he began & Leslie stayed in one spot & ended where he began. On the time side, Leslie notes that his daughter & he perceive time differently. A year to his ten year old daughter is only 10% of her life, which seems like a long time, yet a year to Leslie is 2% of his life. That idea blew my mind! It does seem to me, that my year in Kindergarten felt like forever; but now, semesters fly by me. It makes me wonder, if humans are someday able to live 200, 300, or 500 years because of advancements in medical technology, would a year feel like a week? How can you build relationships with people hundreds of years younger than you if you feel like the trends, cultures, politics & people are whizzing by? Ultimately, time moves faster, but do we go anywhere?

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