Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Name for Looky Lookie

Contempt for "Looky Lookie"
For the dozen of you who read the JCBA blog, you'll know that every month, I feature a book from the collection & that segment is called "Looky Lookie." I never thought that title was too clever or cute & those disdainful feelings grow more & more. So, dear blog readers, come up with a new title for the "artist book of the month" bit. Post it in the comment section & I'll choose the one I like the most. Maybe you'll win something, maybe you won't. I have to think of something for you to win first. But, fire away!


  1. The Monthly Spine-Breaker?

    Puss in Books (inspired by photo)...?

    The Ides of Artbooks (if you always do it on the 15th)?

  2. What about "CenterPage"?